Monday, June 9, 2014

thing the twenty-second | discovering apps

apps gone freeI didn't have to download anything for this thing -- I already use Apps Gone Free. I try to remember to check it daily, and I have discovered a number of new apps that I would not otherwise have learned about. I also use it to spot highly-rated apps that would be appropriate and educational for my four-year-old, and watch for others I already know about but am just waiting for the opportunity to get them free. I've acquired Grandpa's Workshop, Grandma's Kitchen, Grandma's Garden, Lulu in Polynesia and Lulu in the Amazon in this fashion. They are absolutely fantastic and have proven to be some of her favorite apps. I love Apps Gone Free!

I may or may not check out the Quixey website. There have been times when I'm wondering if there's a good app for a particular task or purpose I have in mind, but since I find myself so often battling the iPhone storage limit daemons the last thing I need is to find a million more apps I really, really want but don't have room for. I'll keep it in mind.

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