Wednesday, April 9, 2014

thing the fifth | notetaking

springpadI downloaded both Springpad and Remember the Milk, and while I was sort of intrigued by the variety of "stuff" that can be tracked, I'm unlikely to incorporate them into my life. For keeping track of the family calendar, shopping lists and to-do lists, my family shares a Cozi account. Having these three key things together in one place has helped to simplify and coordinate our lives. Springboard offers to keep track of recipes, books and movies, but I already do this elsewhere at a level of detail that's not possible here. For me, Springboard is a case of an app wanting to do many, many things, but not being particularly expert in any one of them. It might be a good fit for someone who isn't as obsessed as I am with documenting the details. Remember the milk is purely a task-oriented app, so I'm unlikely to switch to using it for the same reason as above. I will note that both of these apps had attractive interfaces and seemed intuitive.
remember the milk
I was unable to find Bamboo Paper in the app store. Perhaps it's available only for iPad, not iPhone.

dragon dictationI was unsure how I'd get to try Dragon Dictation without feeling like a weirdo talking to myself at my desk at work, so I decided to make a phone call to wish my sister a happy birthday. I used my work phone but had my iPhone sitting near me while I spoke. When the call was completed and I reviewed what it had interpreted, it was surprisingly accurate! I can see this as a great, free option for dictation purposes, of which I have few, but I'll keep it in mind.

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