Tuesday, April 22, 2014

thing the ninth | taking and editing photos

Instagram logoFor mobile photo editing, Instagram is my go-to app, although I also use a handful of others (BeFunky, ABM, Rhonna) for other occasional special effects. I exclusively use the iPhone's built-in Camera app for taking photos, even though many, if not most, of these apps also have a photo-taking feature.

line cameraI had not used LINE Camera previously, and I have to admit that I didn't find the interface especially intuitive. For example, it was not immediately obvious to me that there were free frame options available. It seemed that I first had to navigate through a number of paid, downloadable options in order to find them. Once found, however, I was pleased to note the variety (more and more varied than Instagram). From there it was simple to add a frame and text to the photo, and I'm somewhat pleased with my first hurried creation (below). LINE Camera is a photo app I probably will keep.

I next tried Aviary, but was not impressed at all. It didn't appear to offer anything new that isn't already available with most of the other popular photo editing apps out there.

ColorSplurge seemed intriguing, but HOLY CRAP the ads are annoying! There is a wiggling camera lens up in the right-hand corner that wiggles every 2 seconds or so and has nothing to do with the app itself. Clicking it leads to the app store page for a completely different product. Ads also appear on the bottom as you begin to edit a photo, and ads also pop up to take up the entire screen. I was too annoyed to really even test this app out, sorry.

CamMeI really liked CamMe! I tried it out at work, and it performed precisely as advertised. I don't take many selfies, but this app would allow for a lot more creativity than merely holding a camera at arm's length. I think I'll keep it.

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