Thursday, April 10, 2014

thing the seventh | content saving & sharing

Pinterest iconNo new download required for the first app here -- I'm already a user of Pinterest! I'm not the obsessive stay-up-all-night-pinning type, more of a copycat pinner, letting my friends do all the work searching out the cool and useful stuff that I just swoop in and repin like a Pinterest ninja. Pinterest has some practical applications for libraries -- ideas for programming, displays, visual book lists, etc. I also use it to collect bathroom humor (no, not that kind) for the staff restroom in my library. To bring a little levity into what is otherwise a professional workplace, we collectively post humorous (and often library-related) memes on the restroom wall. Searching the "humor" category on Pinterest is a great way to find some of these gems, but whether this could be considered a "professional" application of is debatable!

bitlyAt first glance, I'm not entirely sure what Bitly is supposed to do for me. It appears to be a way to manage bookmarks, as well as access them universally, a service which Chrome already provides to me. To test it I hit the '+' and entered a URL, but it just kept spinning and spinning, never ultimately doing anything with what I had input. Since this was my first and only experience with the Bitly app, I'm not terribly impressed. Pass.

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  1. Wow, Julia! You've been blogging up a storm. Thanks for all the great posts. A lot of 23 Mobile Things participants are already big Pinterest users, so you are in good company. I also really liked your "iPad to the Rescue" posts. I'm glad to see you're thinking of ways to keep using the iPad in your work.

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    -Kaia, 23 Mobile Things Coach