Thursday, May 15, 2014

thing the fifteenth | infographics

infographic apple appThe only app for this thing that was compatible with my iPhone (all others required an iPad) was info.Graphics. My first impression? Pretty visuals, but SO MUCH CLUNK! I first navigated to the categories page, where I was greeted by a misspelling of the word 'developed' (developped). Upon selecting a category, nothing happened -- no visual acknowledgment of any kind that I had made a selection, until eventually, more than five seconds later (which feels like eternity on a mobile device), the screen changed to show infographics in that category. However, as I proceeded to scroll down the page with my category results, pop-up messages asking me to "please wait" appeared constantly. The number of total results, perhaps a dozen, was also a let-down, especially after all the patience required.

I'm kind of intrigued by several of the other apps that were iPad-only, so there's a small chance I'll download and play with one of those at home.

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