Thursday, May 22, 2014

thing the seventeenth | connecting to community

From the start of this endeavor, I have completed each of the things in the same order they are listed on the index page. As I've watched it creeping ever closer on the list, I have been looking forward to working on this thing for quite a while now!

superior hikingMy first download was the Highlights of the Superior Hiking Trail app. My husband and I have long dreamed of hiking the SHT, but so far life has gotten in the way and we have yet to complete even a single leg. As advertised, this app is pretty high-level, so you probably wouldn't be able to use it as a tool while actually on the trail itself, but it could definitely get someone excited about a SHT adventure and learn more about some of the high points.

I next attempted to download the Minneapolis Skyway app, just to see how in-depth it was. I don't work downtown, but if I did I would certainly appreciate a handy skyway map. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the app in the app store, so maybe it's been removed?

Next up was the Minneapolis app. It looked pretty. When I downloaded it it failed to produce any content whatsoever. I tried selecting both "Explore" and "Events," but each time the results list came up completely empty. I went to the search utility and entered simply "Minneapolis," but it just spun and spun, never ultimately returning any results. I may try again later.

going outThe next app that I thought might have some potential was the Going Out app created by the Star Tribune. So far it looks pretty decent for finding a bite to eat while out and about. Since I have theater tickets for this coming Saturday, I thought I'd see if I could cause my show to appear among the search results. Sadly, when I tried to search the venues for "Guthrie," it said nothing by that name was found, despite it being perhaps the most famous theater in town. I do like the Family Entertainment search option, and I could see myself using that during one of those "what should we do today?" moments in the dead of winter. Would be nice if it were a bit more comprehensive.

I would have liked to experiment with the Explore Minnesota app, but it opened each time with an error message, indicating some kind of conflict with the API and Google Maps. Sad.
mn museums
I next downloaded the MN Museums app, and so far it looks pretty cool. It's definitely helpful to know where all of the children's museums are! I could see this being handy while traveling out-state and encountering a rainy day.

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  1. Hi Julia! You tried a lot of apps for this one. I hope you enjoyed it, and that some of them will be useful someday! Do you have any other local apps that you use that didn't make the official 23 Things list?

    Only six more Things left before June 15th! I can't wait to hear about your last few Things.

    -Kaia, 23 Mobile Things Coach