Thursday, May 15, 2014

thing the fourteenth | videos

I'd sort of been putting off this thing, because I'm just not that enthusiastic about videos. I occasionally record my daughter's activities with my phone or with our "nice" camera, but other than sometimes stitching a few clips together to create something longer, I do little to no editing or enhancements.

vine iconFor this thing I downloaded the Vine app, which can be used to generate 6-second videos. They can be one single clip, or any number of short clips that are automatically merged together. Starting and stopping video recording is as easy as holding or removing your finger on the screen. I was already somewhat familiar with Vine due to exposure via Twitter. In fact, I've been following Brendon Urie, singer in the band Panic at the Disco!, who was an early adopter of Vine, and has created some amazing, inspired and amusing videos.

My first video was a recording of my cat Tycho just as I walked in the door home from work. I somehow had the luck to capture her yawning, so it's a bit cute but admittedly uninspired. A feature I wish were present but which seems to be lacking, is finding friends through connections other than Twitter. I would have liked, for example, to discover which of my Facebook friends also had a Vine account, but that doesn't seem to be possible. I've composed a few other videos since I began playing with Vine, but without a perceived audience other than myself, I don't feel very motivated (or have the time, really) to create simply for the sake of creation.

I initially thought I'd download the Magisto app as well, and try my hand at video editing with music or graphics, but ultimately ended up changing my mind. I don't expect to have much use for an app like this because I simply don't have time to create fancy videos.

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